Jay Shepherd

Jay ShepherdJay Shepherd is a writer and speaker focused on fixing workplaces so that individuals are free to do their best work. He is the author of Firing at Will: A Manager’s Guide, which is an unlawyerly handbook for management’s riskiest HR decision.

For 17 years, he worked as an employment litigator and advisor helping companies stay out of trouble. He had something of a knack for it: Law & Politics magazine named him one of the Top 100 Lawyers in New England. One thing he didn’t have a knack for was tracking hours, so in 2006, he banned timesheets from his Boston law firm, Shepherd Law Group. This made some waves around the country and the world, which led Jay to write and speak about the subject. In 2011, he closed the law firm after 13 years and opened Prefix, LLC, a firm that helps professionals learn how to price their knowledge.

Jay writes two award-winning blogs. The American Bar Association has twice listed The Client Revolution, which focuses on reinventing the business of law, as one of the top 100 lawyer blogs. Human Resource Executive has called Gruntled Employees, his workplace blog, the top HR website. He has also been a widely read columnist on the Above the Law, the world’s most popular law blog. Follow Jay on Twitter at @jayshep, and connect with him on LinkedIn.