Sample documents

Here are a few sample documents relating to some of the topics we’ve covered in the book (they’re in Appendix C for those keeping score at home). I’m including them just to give you some ideas about what these things should look like.

That doesn’t mean that I’m recommending that you copy and paste them into your documents. That would be silly. These documents were designed for the specific situations we faced in our law firm. You need to have your own employment counsel draft specific documents for your specific situations. OK? Promise? Fine. Now you can look at them.

Here’s what we’ve got:

By the way, there’s no place to enter in a secret proof-of-purchase-type code to access this. So even if you haven’t read (and by “read” I mean “bought”) the book, you can still check out these documents. But you’ll get much more out of them if you’ve read the book first. And if you have already bought it, you have my eternal thanks.